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It all started modestly with a handful of employees back in 1981, when Ralph and Roni Moore acquired a small LINDSAY WATER dealership in Wichita.  Today that business has grown into one of the largest EcoWater dealers in the United States employing nearly 40 water professionals.  As one of the premiere, full service water treatment companies in the country, EcoWater Systems of Kansas is renowned for providing unequalled solutions for both municipal and well water customers spanning more than twenty-five counties.

We only have one mission….To be the most customer-oriented, highest-quality, value-driven water treatment company in our industry and make every customers experience pleasant enough where they will want to share their experience with others for the long term growth of our business.

Ralph and Roni Moore

About the Products We sell

Why select EcoWater as our brand of choice when there are so many to choose from?  It’s simple…the Science.  With a legacy exceeding 85 years, built on best-in-class technological innovation, EcoWater continues to set the “gold” standard for the industry as a whole.  As the world’s largest manufacturer of residential water treatment systems, EcoWater’s expertise and products for improving the quality of water are second to none.  EcoWater Systems’ advanced product engineering also helps reduce energy consumption and extend appliance life cycles, all of which lead to a smaller environment footprint.

What the best Science, Products and People…mean to YOU.

From a modest 800 square foot facility in 1963 to a ¼ of a city block headquarters today, EcoWater Systems now boasts multiple, state-of-the-art, fully computerized warehousing facilities for procurement of bulk purchasing – reducing cost for customers.

About Our Work Ethic

Standing behind everything we do, EcoWater Systems’ highly skilled, factory trained, water service specialists are among the best in Kansas.  They will treat your home with the utmost respect and care.  Our service is unmatched in this professionalism and efficiency.  Our field water service specialists have both the knowledge and experience to accurately diagnose virtually any problem and repair it quickly.

When you call EcoWater Systems, you will speak with a trained customer service representative who will assist you in setting up your service call, installation and deliveries.  For specialized technical support, they will direct your call to the appropriate personnel to answer all of your questions and assist you in a professional, courteous manner.

Here Today…Here Tomorrow


Unlike many providers that come and go, EcoWater Systems has been managed by the same owners, servicing the same region, for 30 years.  EcoWater Systems is a licensed, insured and bonded contractor.  Today, the company’s performance, experience and products are widely considered the best available in the state.  You can be sure that everything we do is only at the highest of standards.

Not Just Where We Do Business, But Where We Live

We live in the community we work in.  With strong community roots, this is not just a place we work at, but a place we live in.  Our president Ralph Moore served on the board of directors of the Better Business Bureau for three years and we are long time supporters of the Red Cross, Special Olympics and major sponsors of Wichita Wild and Wichita Thunder.


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    A Team of Water Professionals that “deliver the Good.” Our service and delivery pros are highly skilled, factory trained and are among the best in Kansas.
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    When you need it. We’ve got it! EcoWater Systems of Kansas maintains a well-stocked, state-of-the-art warehouse to provide you parts and components fast.
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    Made in America! When’s the last time you heard that? EcoWater Systems is the world’s largest for a reason. It has been solving water problems with world-class, innovative products and technology solutions since 1925.
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    Do you know what’s coming out of your tap? We do, and you and your family deserve better water. Keeping on top of the newest water treatment technologies, EcoWater Systems of Kansas has the right solution for you.
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    Customer satisfaction is more than a slogan at EcoWater Systems of Kansas. It is a fundamental part of our belief system in everything we do. We provide extraordinary customer service and support in order to build long-term relationships with our customers.
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    For 30 years, the CLEAR choice for the BEST water in Kansas. With only one original owner still running the business, EcoWater Systems has a three decade track record of solving most of the residential and commercial water issues in the state.

    • 1981 Business acquired by Ralph and Roni Moore.
    • 1998 EcoWater Systems of Kansas offers bottled water and builds state-of-the-art automated bottling plant.
    • 1998 EcoWater Systems of Kansas acquired current building and expands customer base product offering.
    • 2000 EcoWater Systems of Kansas wins the EcoWater TOP VOLUME dealership in North America award for the first time.
    • 2001 EcoWater Systems of Kansas wins the EcoWater TOP VOLUME dealership in North America award for the third time in a row.
    • 2005, prompted by growing environmental awareness, EcoWater Systems offers for the first time BOTTLELESS water coolers.



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